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More than a place to call home,
a place to THRIVE!

Details on the wonderful amenities available to our residents and the services we offer at each level of care.

Happy Residents

Save the date! Take a look at our bustling Activities Calendar and upcoming events. There's never a dull moment!

Holiday Celebrations

Take a peak into life at Good Samaritan! A collection of photos from activities, past events, and holidays.



We have a donor willing to match $1 Million!


Please help the dream come true by the following:

$100 a month for 2 years


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$500 Small Plaque

$1,000 Medium Plaque

$5,000 Large Plaque



1 Room: $100,000

4 People - $25,000 (each)

2 People - $50,000 (each)

1 Person - $100,000

To Friends and Family members of Good Samaritan,

Thank you for your cooperation during this time, as always Good Samaritan is maintaining a healthy environment for all residents and employees.  This is a reminder that our facility is still not allowing any visitations from anyone other then Hospice as instructed by Licensing. Today, calls were made to resident's responsible party for updates. Family members we encourage you to call the office at 1(619) 590-1515 and provide us with your email, that way you may be provided updates via email as well.  Please continue to keep your loved ones stocked with supplies as best of your abilities as there is low stock everywhere in grocery stores and online.  You may also contact Administrator Susan Sorensen via phone/text at 1(619) 772-5087 for further questions, comments, or concerns. 

Again, thank you for your cooperation Good Samaritan will continue to update friends and family as often as possible.


Dear Family and Friends of Good Samaritan,


Good evening hope all is well.  This is an update to inform the families of Good Sam that all residents and employees are healthy and doing well.  As you are aware, we are stocked on supplies, however we want to stay ahead of supplies.  Because of  mass demand everywhere shipping delivery can take weeks to a month and some supplies that we are able to purchase are trickling in.  Therefore, anyone who has access to any of these supplies we kindly ask you to donate to Good Sam so we can maintain a healthy environment for everyone:


1. Hand Sanitizer

2. Rubbing Alcohol

3. Facial Masks

4. Clorox Wipes


Anything listed above will be greatly appreciated and we thank you for your contribution as Good Sam wants nothing more than keep your loved ones in good health.


Schedule a Facetime call, a Phone call or a Front Door Visitation!

We are giving families the opportunity to schedule a Facetime and/or phone call with your loved one! Call the office at 619-590-1515 and\or text Administrator Susan Sorensen at 619-772-5087 to set up a time and date for your call.  Family is also welcomed to come to Good Sam and speak to their loved one via phone between the glass of the facility, as we call "Front Door Visitations."


Key Points:

-You need to schedule with office a date and time for a Front Door Visitation and Facetime/Phone call. Random calls to the office will not be honored as we plan our day based off schedules.

-"Front Door Visitations" means your loved one is inside the facility and you are outside the facility and speaking via phone as we are still not allowing anyone inside or outside the facility until further notice. The importance of scheduling a visitation is if your loved one doesn't have a phone of their own; they will be using ours, and again, we base our day off schedules.

-At the moment our Facetime is only compatible with Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. We are working on setting up another type of video chat that will also work for android/Samsung, but for now, only Apple.


For any further questions please call office at 619-590-1515 or Administrator, Susan Sorensen at 619-772-5087.

Dear Family and Friends of Good Samaritan,

Hello everyone, hope all is well, we would like to give an update and let everyone know all residents and employees at Good Sam are currently healthy and doing well. 

We also want to thank family and vendors for all the support, we appreciate and are so grateful for the contribution and cooperation you all made during this time.


Susan Sorensen